Calling All Culture Vultures: Delhi University’s Student Cultural Societies

If you are a fresher, you will soon discover that college life, though unrestricted, is a time of rigorous study and self imposed discipline. But does that mean that you have to give up your creative pursuits to accommodate a burgeoning course load? The good news is that you do not have to make such a compromise.

Students involved in Dram Socs get the opportunity to travel to competitions across the country with the college trope.

Delhi University, like most other educational institutes, not only recognizes the importance of extracurricular activities but encourages active participation. Be it drama, films, music or fine arts, a fresher can pursue his favourite hobby from a number of different societies from different colleges. The purpose of such societies is to give ample space to students to discover their talents and future career scope in subjects that are usually not included in the general academic curriculum.

Here is a list of societies that a fresher can join as per his or her creative inclination:


If you are into dramatics then you are in luck. Delhi University is famous for its drama societies, some of which have produced well known theatre and film actors. Some of the notable drama societies of Delhi University are PLAYERS of Kirori Mal College, the Dramatics Society of Lady Shri Ram College, the Shakespearean Society of St. Stephen’s College, ABHIRANG and MASQUE of Hindu College, LAKSHYA of Kamla Nehru College, KSHIJIT and UPSTAGE of Gargi College, and the Dramatic Society of Miranda House.


If debating is your second nature then Delhi University offers you a plethora of opportunities. Some of the famous debating societies of DU are the Debating Society of St. Stephens College, Q.E.D. and SAMIKSHA of Gargi College, CROSSFIRE of Kamla Nehru College, English Debating Society and VAGMI of Hindu College, Debating Society of Kirori Mal College, and the Debating Society of Hans Raj College. Regular inter-college debate competitions are held every year. Some colleges also encourage participation in international student debating competitions.


Anyone who has ever been a musician at any point in life will know that it is impossible to give it up. If you are a Delhi University student, the good news is that you have ample opportunities to hone your musical skills. Some of the well known music societies are the Music Society of Kirori Mal College, SWARANJALI of Hans Raj College, the Music Society of St. Stephen’s College, ARIA and ALANKAR of Hindu College, and EUPHONY and SAMRANJANI of Gargi College.

Fine Arts

A number of career opportunities in art, animation and design have opened up and this has made Fine Arts Societies in colleges all the more active. Some of the popular fine arts societies are ABSTRACTION of Hindu College, the FAPS of Kirori Mal College, HUES of Gargi College, ADWITYA of Miranda House, and the Fine Arts Society of St Stephen’s College.


The choreography societies in Delhi University are hugely popular and extremely active. Some of the notable choreography societies are the Choreography Society of Hans Raj College, NAZAAKAT, ENLIVEN and SPARX of Gargi College, the Choreography Society of Hindu College, TANZ and MRIDANG of Miranda House, Lady Shri Ram Choreography Society, SENSATION of Kirori Mal College, and the Choreography Society of St. Stephen’s College.


If you are a film buff then Delhi University could have never been this good to you. Most film societies of colleges are relatively newer than the other societies and being a member should mean a fun filled learning experience. The best part of these societies is, in most cases, the screenings are open to all. Some of the notable film clubs are the Film Society of Kirori Mal College, Vivre of Hindu College, GLASS-I of Gargi College, PROJEKT of Lady Shri Ram College, the Film Society of St. Stephen’s College, and WIDE ANGLE of Kamla Nehru College.

Apart from the above, there are a host of other cultural societies for Photography, Creative Writing, Quizzing, Mountaineering etc.

How to join a Cultural Society in College

Before becoming a member of a cultural society in any college there are a few things that a student needs to keep in mind.

1. Join only if you are serious

While being a part of any society can be a fun filled experience, the societies themselves take their work very seriously. Often, rehearsals begin months before the show and regular attendance is required. Do not join if you are not serious about your interest. Chances are that your exit will not be that pleasant.

2. Auditions

Most drama, music and choreography societies choose their members on the basis of an audition. Just because it is a college society do not take it lightly. You will be surprised at how rigorous the selection process really is.  Find out about the dates of different auditions and prepare yourself beforehand. Talking to a senior who is also a member also helps.

3. Avoid Confusion

The best way to avoid unnecessary confusion is to be well informed. There have been many instances when students interested in western music have landed up in the Indian Music Society audition or vice versa. There may be two or more divisions under the same society, so it’s best to clear out any confusion beforehand.

4. Contact the Society Directly

While you may rely on the Internet and word-of-mouth knowledge for general information, contact the society directly for specific dates and events. Relying on word-of-mouth information in these cases may lead to missing out on many opportunities. Do not hesitate in asking members directly, especially regarding audition details and membership rules.

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