In Trouble? Just Yell “Fire!”

Are you a college student living away from home for the first time in your life? Do you feel unsafe as a single woman in the city? If yes, then what are you doing to protect yourself?

Just Yell, "Fire" When You Need Help!

In the light of recent cases of violence against women in India, Just Yell Fire Campus Life Story makes a whole lot of sense. In 2006, US-based teenager Dallas Jessup decided to teach girls some simple self-defense techniques to escape rape and abduction after watching a horrifying news report on campus rape and assault. A black belt herself, Dallas co-wrote the documentary Just Yell Fire Campus Life when she was just 14 years old. The film demonstrates 10 easy-to-learn street fighting techniques that can prove quite lethal for assailants. Dallas distributed the film for free among students and within months she had taken the world by storm. The film is now being remade featuring different cities of the world and yes, Delhi, very appropriately, features in it as well.

Why Yell Fire?

Because young Dallas Jessup was mature enough to understand that yelling “rape” or “help”, may scare witnesses from helping, but yelling “fire” tends to draw a crowd. We think, in India, yelling, “bomb!” would work just as well.

Why it is needed?

Because recent events have shown that violence against women has risen drastically in India. Just Yell Fire Campus Life answers the need of women to take matters in their own hands and defend themselves if nobody else will. Every outstation girl student or working woman should watch the video at least once in order to get an idea regarding what to do in case she is faced with such a situation.

There is no reason why men cannot watch it as well. After all, violence against men is just as rampant.

Where to find the video?

The video is free and can be downloaded from the official website of Just Yell Fire Campus Life organization:

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