Top 10 IAS Mock Test Compilations

Civil Services or Indian Administrative Service (IAS) exam is conducted by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) each year. This year, the exam is going to be held on October 5, 2012. For aspiring IAS professionals, it becomes important to be prepared for the competition. While your understanding of the topic might be great, you need to know the question pattern to ace the exam. This is where mock test papers come in the picture. They familiarize you with the kind of questions asked in the exam, so that you can practise answering them, customizing your knowledge to fit in with the question. There are many education publications that bring out collection of mock test papers. We’ve chosen the best 10 from the whole lot.


Top 10 IAS Mock Test Books for Civil Services Exam

1. 10 Practice Sets CSAT Paper 2by Prem Shankar Jha contains master strategies for CSAT Paper-2 at the beginning of the book; previous years’ solved papers, and 10 Practice Sets to acquaint the candidates with the types of questions asked in the exam.

2. UPSC Portal IAS General Studies Mains Examination Topic Wise Question Analysis by UPSCPORTAL Editorial Board is the right book for your test preparation as it includes relevant mock test questions and topic wise analysis of those questions which will help you prepare better.

3. History: UPSC Mains Examination Topic Wise Question Analysis by UPSCPORTAL Editorial Board will help highlight the areas that must be focused on in order to clear the Indian Civil Services examination. It gives a broad outline of the major events in Indian History.

4.  BHAUGOLIK MODELS (Hindi) by Hussain thoroughly covers the portion for the annual Civil Services Examination syllabus. It brings together many model test papers or mock test papers for you to practice on.

5. Sociology: UPSC Mains Examination Topic Wise Question Analysis by UPSCPORTAL Editorial Board is an ideal book for students who are preparing for Sociology in the IAS mains. This book covers the entire syllabus and the sociology main exam question papers that were released from 1964 to 2010. In order to enrich the learning experience, definitions, glossary, suggested reading tips and short notes have also been given in this book.

6. Law: UPSC Mains Examination Topic Wise Question Analysis by UPSCPORTAL Editorial Board is a compilation of the previous year questions that have appeared in the UPSC Mains Law Exams. The questions have been segregated topic-wise, which is a useful thing as it saves time and energy in looking for particular topics to work on.

7. CSAT PAPER-II (20 Model Test Papers & Previous Years’ Solved Papers) by J K Chopra (Unique Publishers) includes solved mock test papers of Paper II along with previous year papers. This is undoubtedly a good book that gives you a fair idea of what type of questions you will face in the exam and what could be their probable answers.

8. UPSC Portal Indian Economy & Indian Year Book MCQs 800+Q by UPSC Portal contains mock papers with over 800 questions which will help you check your factual knowledge.

9. UPSC Portal General Science MCQs 1000+Q by UPSC Portal includes over 1,000 questions on the subject of General Science, bifurcated topic wise for better understanding and clarity.

10. UPSC Portal Geography & Environment MCQs 1500+Q by UPSC Portal is a collection of questions on geography and environment related topics, which will give you a fair idea of questions you might face in the exam hall.       


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