College Canteen Roundup: The Best 5 In India

What makes a canteen stand out? Graffiti on the walls, great ambience, yummy food and company of friends. In many colleges, students themselves decide the look they want for their canteen. ACADZONE has chosen some of the best canteens from some of the best universities. Tell us about your college canteen and what makes it the ideal place to hang out. Share with us in comments!

Great ambience, Yummy Food and Company of Friends - A Perfect Hang Out

1.      Delhi University

The yummy chicken momos and chicken rice of Cafe St. Stephen’s; the shahi paneer, rajma chawal and spring rolls at the airy Hindu Canteen are the must-haves if you are looking for some lip-smacking food at Delhi University. At JMC Cafe, one bite of the hot samosas served here and your diet plans could go for a toss. What’s special at Gargi Canteen? Gorge upon muffins and the chocolate shakes that are served here. Sri Venkateswara College Canteen, the name says it all. Its South Indian menu comprises of masala dosas, vadas and idlis - the hot favourites here. DSE Cafe is a non-veggies’ delight as it serves amazing mutton dosas and mutton cutlets.

Lip-Smacking Samosas

2.      Manipal University

Centralised air conditioning, spacious interiors, healthy and hygienic food – everything under one roof! At the Manipal University Food Court, the Malaysian flavour is what tempts everyone. Be it vegetarian or non-vegetarian, students just love it. The chappatis are as liked by all as the idlis, vadas and masala dosas. For the Mughlai flavour, the food court here offers delectable kebabs and tandoori chicken. Along with that, paranthas and Chinese food are also prepared here. For those who like pizza or pasta, you can grab a bite of that too.

Delicious Dosa

The choice of cuisine doesn’t end here, there’s a Subway counter also at Manipal University Food Court. In addition, a wide variety of fresh juices, cold coffee, milk shakes and other beverages are served here.

3.      Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University

The best canteen of GGSIPU, Delhi is located at the Dwarka campus of the university. It has a roomy canteen that not only provides the students with mouth watering dishes like sambhar vada, idli, uttapam, fried-rice, spring rolls, etc. but is also one of the most happening places in the campus, with students from almost every course hanging out and having fun. The canteen is generally the centre of attraction during cricket matches and any other live telecasts on television.

Savory Spring Rolls

4.      University of Mumbai

Wilson College in Mumbai is a famous Arts and Science college, and its canteen is a favourite spot for students to gather and socialise in free college hours. A good variety of food is available here. However, it is Wilson College Canteen’s Samosa Sambhar that was given an excellent rating by the Mumbai Mirror.

Sapid Samosa Sambhar

5.      University of Pune

In addition to being a top learning destination, University of Pune is also known for its canteen. Though the university has some small canteens, the best one is the main canteen that is located next to the Publication Department in the university premises. This canteen is well-maintained, clean and attracts a lot of customers because of the delicious dishes that it offers.

Tastefully Yours


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