‘Not Me, Not You’: National Service Scheme for Students

As a college-goer you may have chanced upon a group of students doing the rounds of the campus in scrubs and rubber gloves doing things that many wouldn’t be caught dead doing – picking up garbage and litter, digging the earth to plant saplings, and setting up health drives for the poor and needy. If you already are a part of that motley group of youngsters we congratulate you on your awareness and do-good spirit. If you aren’t then it is time you knew about the National Service Scheme, better known as the NSS, and how it has been benefitting students and changing lives since 1969.

The NSS organizes green drives in colleges to promote environmental awareness among the youth


What is the National Service Scheme?

Post-Independence, the University Grants Commission (UGC) headed by Dr S Radhakrishnan proposed a service scheme that would allow students to volunteer in serving the nation directly at the micro level. The idea was forwarded again in the 1950s and it was in 1969 that the National Service Scheme was finally launched in 37 Universities. Today, the NSS extends to all educational institutes and Universities and is managed by a body within the institute itself.

The National Service Scheme allows students to volunteer their time to national service in order to get a firsthand experience in policy execution, social service and environment restoration. The aim behind the scheme was to give students a wholesome education that integrated theoretical learning with practical education in the true nature of the problems plaguing the nation, and the manner in which they can be resolved.

What Will You Be Doing as a Volunteer?

As a volunteer at the NSS you will be educated in the practical nature of social and environmental problems. Some of the drives organized by the NSS are cleaning, afforestation, stage shows for generating social and environmental awareness, blood donations and health camps.

How to Become a Volunteer?

If you want to become a volunteer but do not know how to go about it, then simply log on to your college website and search for your college’s NSS wing. Your college prospectus, if you still miraculously have it, will definitely have a section devoted to the achievements of the NSS wing in your college or University. If you are still lost, walk into your college office and ask the authorities. Your desire to be of service to the nation will be appreciated.

How Is It Going To Benefit You?

Apart from the satisfaction of doing good for the environment and the lesser privileged, a volunteer certificate from the National Service Scheme will boost your chances to a university scholarship and reflect well on your resume. If you have been an NSS volunteer, you will be taken as someone who is concerned and empathetic towards others.

The motto of the National Service Scheme is, “Not me. Not you”. In other words, it reflects the selflessness and the sense of collective pride that volunteers feel when they learn to serve needs that exceed beyond their self. If you decide to volunteer for the National Service Scheme even on an impulse, it is one decision you will never regret.

Website: www.nss.nic.in

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