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10 Weirdest Job Interview Questions Ever Asked And How To Tackle Them

Do you feel that job interview questions are becoming stranger with every passing year? With growth in competition, interviewers are laying emphasis on testing the analytical skills and the candidate’s ability to cope with the pressure. Apparently, they end up asking some very weird questions. Do you think strange and wacky interview questions help interviewers [...]

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What Not To Do In A Job Interview: 7 Worst Questions

It’s always a great strategy to ask questions during a job interview. The right questions will telegraph your interest in the position, and can act as a subtle way of showing off your expertise. However, not all questions are good questions, and some may even leave a negative impression on the interviewer, lowering your chances [...]

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ACADZONE Roundup: 5 Best Hotel Management Colleges in India

With a boom in the hospitality industry, many students are looking towards hotel management as an attractive career option. The resultant rise in hotel management colleges all over the country is obvious. And with colleges coming up each day, picking the good ones from the lot becomes difficult. To this end, ACADZONE has compiled a [...]

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