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ACADZONE Roundup: 5 Best Hotel Management Colleges in India

With a boom in the hospitality industry, many students are looking towards hotel management as an attractive career option. The resultant rise in hotel management colleges all over the country is obvious. And with colleges coming up each day, picking the good ones from the lot becomes difficult. To this end, ACADZONE has compiled a [...]

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‘Not Me, Not You’: National Service Scheme for Students

As a college-goer you may have chanced upon a group of students doing the rounds of the campus in scrubs and rubber gloves doing things that many wouldn’t be caught dead doing – picking up garbage and litter, digging the earth to plant saplings, and setting up health drives for the poor and needy. If [...]

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Campus events not only add fun to the regular humdrum of academic life, they also give students a chance to bring out their creative best. It is during these events that the most prolific bunker may suddenly transform into a strict event manager or the shyest student in class may surprise us with a mind-blowing [...]

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Copyright or Copy’wrong’?: Publishing Industry vs Delhi University

For the last few weeks, students and faculty all across Delhi have been up in arms against Oxford University Press (OUP), Cambridge University Press (CUP) and Taylor & Francis Group. It would seem that Delhi University has been recommending certain chapters and excerpts from various books printed by the OUP, CUP and Taylor & Francis [...]

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In Trouble? Just Yell “Fire!”

Are you a college student living away from home for the first time in your life? Do you feel unsafe as a single woman in the city? If yes, then what are you doing to protect yourself? In the light of recent cases of violence against women in India, Just Yell Fire Campus Life Story [...]

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Cracking the Semester Code

There was a time when college life was all about goofing around with friends for most part of the year and becoming a superstitious nervous wreck right before the final examinations. That was when most Indian Universities followed the annual system of evaluation and the ‘final exam’ was the most dreaded event in a student’s life. With the [...]

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Calling All Culture Vultures: Delhi University’s Student Cultural Societies

If you are a fresher, you will soon discover that college life, though unrestricted, is a time of rigorous study and self imposed discipline. But does that mean that you have to give up your creative pursuits to accommodate a burgeoning course load? The good news is that you do not have to make such [...]

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