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College Canteen Roundup: The Best 5 In India

What makes a canteen stand out? Graffiti on the walls, great ambience, yummy food and company of friends. In many colleges, students themselves decide the look they want for their canteen. ACADZONE has chosen some of the best canteens from some of the best universities. Tell us about your college canteen and what makes it [...]

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Copyright or Copy’wrong’?: Publishing Industry vs Delhi University

For the last few weeks, students and faculty all across Delhi have been up in arms against Oxford University Press (OUP), Cambridge University Press (CUP) and Taylor & Francis Group. It would seem that Delhi University has been recommending certain chapters and excerpts from various books printed by the OUP, CUP and Taylor & Francis [...]

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Calling All Culture Vultures: Delhi University’s Student Cultural Societies

If you are a fresher, you will soon discover that college life, though unrestricted, is a time of rigorous study and self imposed discipline. But does that mean that you have to give up your creative pursuits to accommodate a burgeoning course load? The good news is that you do not have to make such [...]

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Delhi University Undergraduate Admissions Deadlines

The admission season is in full flow at Delhi University. Have you filled the forms yet? The admission forms for Undergraduate courses became available from June 4, 2012. While you can apply online through the University’s website from https://ugadmissions.du.ac.in/, in my experience it was always better to visit the colleges you are interested in. The students [...]

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